perjantai 9. tammikuuta 2015

Junketsu no Maria - First impressions

Junketsu no Maria - Maria the virgin witch

Taking place during the one hundred year war in France the story follows a powerful witch named Maria. Maria hates war so she obstructs battles and this causes her to get the attention of the heavens who issue an edict on her, that if she loses her virginity she also loses her magical powers.

My god how refreshing, the show is really unlike any other at the moment. The story isn't just your typical anime, you could go as far as to call it original. Lets just cut all fuss, I really liked this first episode and I am going to watch more and so should you. Even all you ecchi fans out there will be happy as there is fanservice but it wasn't so in your face that it became annoying. The animation also was spectacular, whole armies were drawn, action was smooth and the characters looked great.

From the first episode I have only praise so go ahead and watch it. At least for now, depending on how the series continues it may become annoying but for now I see a lot of potential.

Maria and Artemis


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