tiistai 13. tammikuuta 2015

Death Parade - First impressions

Death parade, two unsuspecting guests arrive at a strange bar where they meet a white haired man Dekim who makes them play a death game with their lives on the stake. Soon the real nature of our guests become apparent and Dekim makes a judgement on them.

A really interesting concept. I am guessing the show will be quite episodic, you having a new couple each episode. Not only is it an original idea it is also executed well, you got enough back story on our guests that you cared for them and understood their motivations.

I enjoyed the show and I would watch a few episodes on the premise alone but it was very interesting and I for one will give it a chance. It is not without flaws though, if every episode is like this it will get a bit depressing and/or stale after a while but I am sure it will get through this as there were already new characters being introduced after the credits.

So go watch the first episode and see what you think, I liked it and if the concept peaked your interest then I am sure you will enjoy it too.


There was an interesting dance opening.

That eye.

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