torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

Absolute Duo first impressions

Actually the first impressions were why is Asuna and Kirito going to a magical high school? You will notice that the first characters introduced are really familiar but that isn't that big of a problem.

Absolute Duo is the story of Thor who goes to a magical high school where all students have a Blaze which is your soul weaponized or something and our MC is of course special that he has the only one that is a defensive Blaze. Thor soon gets paired with Julie and together they try to achieve absolute duo whatever that is.

The animation is absolutely amazing...when the characters are still, the action wasn't as great, hopefully in future episodes there is a better balance in the quality.

It is an ecchi, harem, action anime after all so there is quite a bit of fanservice even some characters that seem to be dedicated to it but it wasn't so much that it put me off from the series.

It is not the most original anime, heck even last season we had something really similar in trinity seven but this seems to be slightly more intriguing so I am definitely going to watch at least a few more episodes and I recommend you do it too.


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