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Amagi Brilliant Park - Review

Let us not pull any punches Amagi brilliant park is good maybe even great. Kyoani has done it again, they have succeeded in making a cheerful, funny show.

Amagi brilliant park is a show about a theme park with the same name and its struggle to stay open. In their struggle they hire our main character Seiya Kanie to save the park. He soon finds out that the parks employees aren't normal humans and that there is something magical in this place.

It is a charming simple story that doesn't take everything too seriously, the park itself is wonderful and the characters that inhabit it are all a joy to watch. The story is good and it has its moments ranging from funny to pulling your heart strings and it executes them very well. ABP has a episodic structure, meaning every episode usually tells it's own story while slightly moving the overall plot which I usually don't really like but here it works well.

The characters are wonderful, there isn't one that isn't funny or boring. Even the background characters that don't have their own episode are great and the ones that do have their own episode are just super. Of course some of them are just cliches and don't really get any development but that doesn't mean they are bad. The main characters are great Kanie is funny, smart and relatable (huh, maybe I am a narcissist) and Sento is a great source of comments and comedy.

Being made by Kyoani it may not come as a surprise that both the animation and music are topnotch. It is the best looking series this fall, from the character designs to the smooth animation of when Sento draws her muskets from under her skirts. The opening is good, background music isn't something great but it gets the job done but some of the emotional music is great.

If you haven't guessed already I liked this show, I guess it felt refreshing and new. Maybe it wasn't very original but everything it did worked for me. But at the same time it doesn't take any risks and doesn't really do anything new, it just does some good old things really well.

VERDITCT - 8.5/10
If you find the first episode enjoyable you will like the whole series so go watch the first episode and see for yourself.

There is a good amount of fanservice.



Sento as a pirate

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