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Akame ga Kill - Review

Akame ga kill anime review. Done by studio White Fox the anime adaptation of the greatly popular manga.

The story follows a young villager Tatsumi as he comes to the nations capital only to find out that the people are corrupt and evil he is then approached by a mysterious group of assassins called the Night Raid who are trying to change their nation for the better.

The story is the best and the worst part of the series. It is the great to have someone try something original for once and not going with a way too generic plot (not that it is that original, it just isn't done that much in anime). A series that takes death seriously is also something that is rare in the anime world, usually there is no death or it's undone so quickly that it has no deep meaning. Though Akame ga kill really likes killing characters but unfortunately if you follow the series it is quite easy to spot the death flags popping up episodes before their deaths. The deaths themselves are really inconsistent sometimes they are emotional and great and sometimes I just couldn't care less. The story also gets really fast paced toward the end, feels like they wanted to end quickly. Also it good to note that at some point they decide to go for their own ending instead of following the manga.

The characters are what will either make or break the show for you, if you like them they will make the whole show worth it but if you don't get attached to character archetypes in a matter of episodes then this show isn't really for you. That is really the problem with the characters is that they are archetypes, there is the typical tsundere, the older sister type etc and they don't really get enough development other than the obligatory flashback. That doesn't mean there aren't some nice fun characters in there.

The animation is the probably one of the best this season, it has great smooth action, great backgrounds and awesome character animation. That doesn't mean it is not simplistic at times but the budget has been spread superbly, the scenes where they are talking are simple and the action gets a big cut of the budget. There is also a healthy amount of fanservice of the pervy kind for those of you who enjoy it and those who don't there isn't that much so it doesn't get annoying or anything (typical nowadays amount).

The music composed by Taku Iwasaki (Soul eater, Black Butler) is nothing super special it gets the job done by being up beat when it needs to be and sad, emotional when it needs to be.

Let us get to the most important part, did I enjoy it? Short answer yes I liked it but it has some glaring flaws that are impossible to just look past. The action is amazing and fun but story is inconsistent.

Verdict - 6.5/10 a solid series that I can recommend to everyone who likes shounen series but if some cheap pulls at the heart strings doesn't fun then it really isn't for you.

The girls showing off
The Night Raid
Incrusio power up (gif)

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