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Boku no Hero Academia - Impressions

It is hailed as the beginning of the next batch of super popular shounen series that are coming.

Now is it the next coming of Dragonball? Probably not. Is it good? Yeah definitely.

People are not born equal is something the main character has to learn in a world where almost everyone has a superpower, Midoriya is one of the few people who are born without any power but that doesn't stop him from dreaming. One day the greatest hero All might approaches him with a deal he can't refuse. Now he will join one of the countries top school and learn to become a hero.

The story is fine and fun with alot of references to american comics and superheros in general with even the art style changing to fit the mood. It follows your typical shounen style of a kid that isn't very good gets an amazing power and learns how to use to save/help everyone else. There hasn't been many chapters so it is hard to say about the overall story but for now it feels like innocent fun with some nice badass moments.

The Izuku Midoriya the main character is a bit of a cry baby but not so much that you immediately get annoyed and Bakugou seems a bit too hot headed but otherwise the whole cast of characters are pretty fun.
The art is good and clean and the author does action very well, you can clearly see what is happening and who is doing what.

So in short yes go read it, the manga is good and it is actually possible that it will become something big. Even if it doesn't it still is a very entertaining read, so if you like shounen or superheros then this is the right manga for you.

So buff

All might and Midoriya


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