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Top 10 anime openings


Who doesn't love a good list?
This is my list and our opinions will differ. Heck, I think even my opinion will be different next week. It actually is just what I am in the mood for that decides these rankings. Even now just a few minutes after deciding the list I am having second thoughts about excluding a few songs.
Now why wasn't [insert opening] in there? That is a good question and I probably really like [insert opening] but wasn't feeling at the moment.

So without further ado let us get to the list! I won't have long explanations on reasons and whatnot, I believe I have chosen good songs and if you just listen to them you can probably understand my feelings.

10. Mirai Nikki - Kuuso Mesorogiwi.
I actually am not that big of a fan of the show but I can't deny the opening is great.

9. Black Lagoon - Red Fraction.
It is just as badass as the show itself.

8. Soul Eater - Resonance.
Not much to say about this one, it is uplifting and gets you ready to see some action. All one really needs from a good opening, right?

7. A certain scientific railgun - Only my Railgun.
It gets me pumped up for the episode everytime and not once did I think about skipping the opening.

6. Durarara - Uragire No yuuyake.
I love this song for various reasons, first it is really a good song, second it isn't your typical anime pop song opening, After awhile alot of openings start blending together but this one does not.

5 .Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Now, no matter what you think about the series I don't think anyone can deny it is one of the most recognizable openings ever in anime and for good reason, it is simply beautiful.

4. Elfen Lied - Lilium.
If we are talking about beautiful openings we can't really leave this one out.

3.  Attack on Titan - Guren No Yumiya
I can't think of a person who did not love this opening (maybe some hipsters who thought it was overplayed) I succeeded to make some of my friends who aren't usually into anime to see this series only because I showed them this opening.

2. Angel Beats - My soul, Your Beats.
I didn't like this at first, but slowly I found myself listening to it before the episode and by the end I had fallen in love with it.

1. Ghost in the Shell - Inner universe.
This isn't for everyone and it probably isn't a good idea to put it first but that's what I feel. This is a masterpiece. It really clicks with me and that's all the reason I need to put it at first.

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