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Parasyte - First impressions

Parasyte or Kiseiju

Parasyte is the new anime from studio MADHOUSE. The manga has exploded in popularity with even live action films planned for it. Does the anime seem just as good? Well, we watched the first episode let us give some impressions.

Like the name indicates the seires is a bout a parasyte that tries to take over our main charcters body (Shinichi Izumi) but he notices it in time and stops it from taking over his body completely but his right arm is lost to it. The main story is seeing how Shinichi handles his new friend Migi (righty) and the powers that comes with it.
The first episode is a bit hectic trying to establish everything, no other character is really introduced except for the Shinichi and Migi and they don't even have much showing of character, actually Migi has no emotions as he is a parasyte.
The animation is really beautiful and madhouse couldn't be bothered with censoring which is a really good thing, I for one am sick of the black bars taking over half the screen especially on gore shows, you lose some of it if it is censored to the point that you can't see what is happening.
The Music is not really up my alley, not the opening, not the ending and not the dubstep in the background. But they do have a theme going on with the music and objectively it is fine, It just isn't for me.
All being said the show really intrigues me and the first episode was exciting and did its job by having me hooked for the next one.

Verdict - Intriguing show with a great new premise, could be one of the gems of the season. You maybe should avoid it if you don't like gorey shows. 

It learns!
gross...or is it cute?
Yup, this is how the show begins.
They don't always agree.

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