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Ore Twintail ni Narimasu - First impressions

Ore Twintail ni Narimasu or Gonna be the Twin-Tails

Tail Red, Tail Yellow and Tail Blue

Coming from Production IMS the new genderbending anime full of girls with Twin-tails (the hair style).
The main character Sōji Mitsuka is suddenly approached by a mysterious girl named Thouars who forces a device on his hand as the device activates he turns into the beautiful female warrior Tail Red. She/he needs to fight against the monsters who are trying to steal all the twin tail attributes from the world.
The premise is weird to say the least but not that original in anime. Genderbent warriors fighting against the forces of evil is quite an old premise in anime. 
Soji is a bit weird main character who obsesses over twintails which is quite generic maybe not the twintails part but the obsessing over something. I don't want to sound like a broken record but generic is actually the best adjective i can come up with to describe this anime. The first impressions the anime gives is that it takes no risk and doesn't really try anything different. Which isn't wrong. Some of the greatest shows could be called generic it is just a bit boring. 
What about the music? Well, I was thinking about and I can't really remember any song they used, not even the opening.
The animation is fine, nothing mind blowing and you can see that they really put a lot of work into the fight scenes which is greatly appreciated in these kind of anime.

Verdict - It is not bad by any means, I for one will see a few more episodes to see if it gets better. Let us say if you like the premise definitely check it out but if you can only sigh when you read the premise then don't worry your sigh is telling you to skip it and as the show doesn't really do anything new this is the one time to listen to it.

Thouars (Thuearle)
Soji really likes twintails.
Action looks smooth.
Can't argue the cutness.
The difference.

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