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Naruto ending next month

I would like to talk about Naruto ending next month. Now if this is sad news or not depends on your position against or for Naruto. I for one have been watching Naruto since it started airing so it is one of those shows that you have watched for so long that it is routine and you can't really stop. On the other hand I see and agree with almost all the criticism against Naruto but I am still watching it so it can't be that bad, right?

Anyways I am here to talk about the anime more than the manga. More about what the ending of the manga means to the ending of the anime. First we will no longer have any filler, this was confirmed after the last filler arc ended but people were very skeptical about it but now it seems reasonable as there is a substantial gap between the manga and anime. Which is great news, I don't think there is one person on the planet who enjoys those fillers.
How long will the anime last? That is a more hard question but an estimation i can make is about a year. It should be ending about this time next year.
But the immediate question is will they actually end Naruto? Are they just going to keep it going to cash some money after the manga has already ended. Honestly i don't think so, I am pretty sure that they will tell the story to faithful to the end. I am pretty sure though that is not the last we see of Naruto, I can almost guarantee a spinoff or a continuation of some sort will come after the ending, think GT after Dragonball Z. Hopefully it is better than GT was

It will be a sad day when the anime finally ends, but all good things come to and end eventually.

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