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Madan no Ou to Vanadis - First impressions

Madan no Ou to Vanadis or Lord Maksman and Vanadis.

Based on a light novel from studio Statelight comes this new fantasy series.
Set in a fantasy version of europe Madan no ou to vanadis follows the earl of Alsace Tigrevurmud Vorn or Tigre as he is called. During war he gets captured by the enemy and is forced into servitude of Eleonora Viltaria the ruler of Leitmeriz who is one of the seven Vanadis Zhcted. War maidens who wield powerful weapons which can change the tides of battle.

The story is one of the strong points with this, it quickly hooked me in its world and I wanted to know more. I am sucker for European feudal systems and whatnot so it clicked with me quickly. The only problem which probably will be fixed in later episodes is that there doesn't seem to be a end goal set up for our main character. There is also a good amount of fan service almost to the point that it's too much, we have to see if it increases or lessens with more episodes.

Despite the tough names the characters are very likable and well rounded. Tigre and CO are maybe a bit cliche but even then they are very enjoyable. No complaints in that department, if one it would be that like anime usually the female to male ratio is so high that I could mistake it for a pure harem anime.
Animation is somewhat of a mixed bag, some fight scenes are beautiful with their effect but some simple shots as horseback riding can be seriously bad but for the most part everything is pretty good. I should also mention that they use CGI, specially in the big army scenes. As I know some people really can't stand CGI popping up.
The music is really average, it is done by Masaru Yokoyama who is probably most well know for Queens blade music, which maybe isn't saying much. I think the music here works and does it job but there is no outstanding track to speak of.

In the end I enjoyed myself watching these first 2 episodes and I am probably going to see the whole series through depending on how much story is set up and if the fan service
doesn't get out of hand.. I hope some new characters are introduced and a more major objective for the whole series is set up.

Verdict - WATCH. Seems to be a fun show. Nowhere near perfect but I enjoyed myself and I think you should give it a shot and see for yourself. But if the fan-service and the near all female cast isn't something you look forward to then maybe give it a pass.
Eleonora Viltaria
Tigrevurmud Vorn or Tigre
Our heroes meet.
Some fan service
There is a bit of it in this series.

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