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is Terra Formars ruined by censorship?

If you have seen Terra Formars you might describe it to someone by using the word violent or gore is everywhere, but when you stop to think about it there really isn't any.

All scenes containing gore or extreme violent behavior is completely censored, you only have a black bar over it and in some cases it takes up almost all of the screen, so you can't see any of the action going on except maybe the character head or terrified eyes.
What you can't see is even more frightening I hear you yelling, but that isn't true when the show has never bothered to show us any of the action, if we can't see what makes the character terrified we can't know at all whats happening, maybe he is just giving the bear a hug. Now we both know that is not case but that doesn't change the idea. We don't know what makes the people in this world tick, maybe a bear on human hug is just gross.
Sometimes the black screens can last up to 30 seconds which is ridiculous, you could start to think that your TV died. Honestly they can ruin a show for you. If you are constantly annoyed by not seeing anything you automatically get that annoying feeling associated with a certain show. I love Jojo bizarre adventure but I cringe every time there has to be one of those black menaces on screen even for stuff that one would not think is that bad like smoking.
What makes all this even worse is that we know it isn't necessary just this season we have Parasyte which is super gore and almost no censorship it is something you can work around. Of course many studios don't want to do this because it means a later airing time or maybe angry sponsors. And I think we all know it can be a pretty good advertisement for buying the blu-ray, please buy it so you can see it uncensored. Still shouldn't the integrity of the show trump all?

So in short yes it can ruin a show for you. But if you are a strong show you can survive without any real problems, maybe some annoyance in your fan base. Now if you are a less than a good show you might have some problems if some of your viewer want to scream at you every time something gore happens.
Di he cut the screen?
Artsy isn't it? -.-

Can you guess what's happening?
My god! Is Jojo smoking?

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