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Greatest sports anime 2

See part 1 first

Now we go to the less known parts of the cave that is sports anime. We have all heard of the Ippos but what about some of these goodies?

First - Over Drive. Cycling is not the most popular sport there is, actually it is not even close but there are a surprising amount of cycling related anime. Some examples are Over drive, Yowamushi pedal and the Nasu movies. Over drive was the first cycling themed anime series. It is a simple series of a high school boy being drafted into the schools road racing club and finding out he maybe has a talent in cycling. I can't really recommend this to everyone but if you are a big fan of sports anime or if you like road racing than this is the anime for you.

Second - Ookiku Furikabutte or Big Windup.
Once again a baseball anime. This time of a small high school team that isn't that good but they soon turn things around when it appears that their pitcher seems to have some latent talent. A nice simple series, nothing amazing and nothing bad, actually it was a good relaxing show that had some nice baseball action. No real need to watch it unless you are a baseball fan.

Third - Baby steps is a new tennis anime with only about 20 episodes out but I am really enjoying it. Check out my review for details - Baby steps review

Fourth - More new stuff, Yowamushi pedal. Another cycling anime that has recently started. Great show about an otaku finding himself in the world of cycling. Very similar to Over drive, maybe a bit more over the top. A great show worth watching but if you don't like sport anime this will do nothing to change your mind.
See here a list of more Cycling anime.

Fifth - One outs. More baseball, are you surprised? This is though completely different to normal sports anime. It is psychological betting anime more in the style of something like Kaiji. This is something that fits those of you who don't really like sports anime as it really isn't like any other sports anime.

There you have 10 sports anime that are worth watching especially if you are a fan of any sports or just love good action in general.

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