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Baby Steps - Review

A review for the first season of Baby Steps. I am writing this before the second season.

Baby steps is a sport anime from studio Pierrot.
Tennis is not something that has ever crossed the mind of the honor student Eiichiro Maruo also called Ei-chan. He notices one day that he doesn't get enough exercise so he takes up tennis just for the purpose of exercise he is soon hooked and can't stop thinking about tennis. The story follows his exploits in tennis and his progression. He soon gets the nickname note-kun for his strange habit to write everything about his opponents down in notebooks.

The story is great, for a sports anime. Not only is there the usual thing of the character needs to get better and he really needs to get better but there is a real romance sub plot going on which seems to be more than the usual will they wont they thing that sports anime has. Every match Ei-chan had I was invested and hoped he would win which is great but the fact that I also wanted him to confess to Natchan (female protagonist) is aweome, I was invested with everything Ei-chan did. The biggest complaint I have is that the ending is not really conclusive but that is because there is a second season but one would still hope for better closure.

The characters are the strong point in baby steps, the main character not only gets better at tennis but he evolves as a person and by the end he is a different person. The female protagonist is not there for fanservice or to just encourage our main hero no she is there helping him along the way and kicking ass at the same time. Even the side characters are great with deep sub plots that are maybe too spoilery to give here.
Animation is not really anything to write home about it gets the job done and the tennis matches look good and smooth but the art seems to vary in quality a bit too much.
Now the music. The opening in my opinion was great and a real treat every week. The background music did it's job excellently being full of action when needed and so on but it was not amazing it was good.

Verdict - 7.5/10 Good!
If you are at all into tennis or sports animes in general this is a must watch. If you don't like sports animes I still don't think this will change your opinion about it. But if you are on the fence then give this a try!
Can't wait for the second season!

Maruo gets good thanks to his crazy repetitive exercises.
Natsu Takasaki (Natchan)

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