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Amagi Brilliant Park - Episode 1

First impressions of Amagi Brilliant Park.

KyoAni is back with a new anime which is already being hailed as the second coming of god (Haruhi). Based on a light novel series Amagi Brilliant park is following Seiya Kanie a good looking, smart narcissist as he is dragged to a run down amusement park that seems to be run by magical beings. Seiya needs to save the park from closing by getting enough guests during the 3 month period he is acting as manager.

The scenario seems to be quite a typical one for anime standards, guy gets powers to save everyone and said guy happens to be the only male for miles and is surrounded be a bunch of beautiful, smart ,funny characters.
That being said it is executed  really well, the characters are genuine characters no one seems to be there for the sake of fan-service or just because we want a moe character to cash in on the K-On moneyyyy. Of course I have seen 2 episodes and it is a bit too early to say but for now that seems to be the case.
Speaking of seeing, good god it looks good but i guess that is to be expected by kyoani nowadays. At least is shouldn't come as a surprise that one would want to rub his face against the backgrounds.
Music is a different matter though, I found the soundtrack a bit generic though the opening was fine but everything from the ending to the background music was a bit whatever.

If you can't tell by now I am quite pleased with the direction Kyoani decided to go with this series. I hope I didn't sound too negative as I have great hopes for the series and it is my favorite of the season so far.

Final verdict WATCH

Watch and see where this series is going.

Light Fan-service is always fine. (Isuzu Sento)
Moffle. No it is not Bunta-kun
Fiery Passion shown by Salama

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